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"Fear Busters" by Thomas Miller

So much has been written on fear that you’d almost wonder why there’s another book on the topic, or an even better question - why would anyone still have fears? Obviously, we haven’t reached bottom on the topic yet. Let’s tackle a simple question: If so much effective material has already been written, why do you and I (and millions of other fellow pilgrims) still deal with fear?

The intention of this book is to provide you insights into FEAR as PROGRAMMING, deeply rooted in your subconscious mind, etched there almost permanently by intense emotion and working itself out in your daily life, ultimately fulfilling the very thing you fear….without your knowledge!

Got your a-ttention?

Good. The in-tention of this book, then, is to help you identify fear patterns that could go back as far as childhood and re-program them into a powerful, excited, fulfilled life you really want to live, without a dark shadow looming over your shoulder. Specifically, I am setting the intention for readers who study and apply this material that you will literally eradicate ALL imbedded fears from your life to the point that you live with complete confidence, boldness and courage in every area of your life.

Another promise is to take you straight-in. We’re not repeating things here to fill pages. It’s a Twitter version on fear, of sorts. Quick & snappy. Let’s roll. Airplane read on steroids. A book you’ll actually….finish!

Another benefit you get here is a website full of FREE resources you can access just from your purchase. My way of adding a little extra bonus and value and to say “thanks”. I really care about your success, and there are more tools available than just plain text, as you will soon see. Go to fearbustersbook.com

Re-programming fear is not a drive-thru process. It takes time. Repetition. OK, I’m going to say it….it takes WORK. But we’re going to make this as systematized and easy for you as possible. If you’re reading the e-book on a compatible device, you can link straight to the website at specific places where you’ll find the media resources to help you on the journey. If you’re reading a print copy, you can simply go to the website where we’ve made it easy for you to navigate to the corresponding material for each chapter.

So, there’s about a 400-word introduction. You now have all you need to get started, so let’s jump in.

Dallas, Texas – January 15, 2015 - Breitling Energy Corporation (OTCBB: BECC) (the “Company”) announces its participation in the 7,616 foot Seely Black Stone #1 in Newton County, Texas. The well adds to the portfolio of south Texas assets in which the Company participates, with future projects in the area underway.

Primary objectives of the vertical well were various Yegua sands that are historically oil and gas productive. Formation tops coincided with 3-D seismic data that defined the Black Stone prospect.

After drilling had been completed, the sands reflected both oil and natural gas, exhibiting good porosities on the logs and in the samples. Permeability values were high according to sidewall cores and samples. Additionally, the well encountered a more shallow, porous sand that appears to be natural gas productive.

The well came on line flowing at a rate of approximately 99 barrels of oil per day.

“We have a long-standing history of participating in wells in south Texas. It’s been a sweet-spot for us for years,” said Chris Faulkner, Breitling Energy’s CEO and Chairman. “This is the kind of well that allows us to continue drilling, even in today’s economic environment. These wells work economically and we have a history participating in them, so we know what to expect. We’re moving forward in spite of current conditions. We continue our exploration efforts since prices started falling and we will continue to do so,” Faulkner added.

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The oil and gas business has always had an air of romance about it. Fortunes made; fortunes lost. We remember some of the big names of generations past. Men who transformed our nation and made society as we know it today possible. Getty, Sinclair, Skelly, Rockefeller, Phillips.

But like any matured industry, oil and gas today is scientific. Calculated. High-tech. Big Business.

I don’t know about you, but I’d go 10 miles out of my way to shop at little Daugherty’s Drug store up on Royal Lane in Dallas, before I’d go 2 blocks to muddle through Wal Mart. Now, I have nothing against the nation’s largest retailer. They’ve made their mark. But I miss local specialty stores. Places where they say, “Thank you Mr. Miller. See you next time.” Where they ask about your kids, and really mean it.

There’s a similar parallel in the oil and gas business. Particularly around investing in it. One question we hear a lot on Powering America Radio is how can people invest in this boom? Where can they potentially make money? Where is someone who might even know your name?

I know of just such a place, and they happen to be one of my partners in the show. Crude Energy, and if you’d like to talk to the guy in charge, his name is Parker Hallam. Crude offers working interests and royalty interests to accredited investors. This is a way to participate directly in the shale oil revolution without having to deal with a big company that could be impersonal and uninterested in what you want to accomplish.

Crude is like a custom clothier. Or like a restaurant where you always have a table waiting. It’s all about what you want to accomplish. What your goals are. What makes sense and what are you comfortable doing.

And with that, it’s a great way to look at owning passive monthly cash flow from this incredible boom that is transforming America and the world. If you’d like more information, the best thing to do is to contact them through their website contact box here. They’ll take it from there. And at Crude, the door is always open and the Keurig coffee is always fresh.

Powering America Radio is heard daily on the Wall Street Business Network at 4:00 Eastern and is co-sponsored by Crude Energy, LLC.

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It is my opinion, as constantly discussed throughout the podcast, that the subconscious mind is the driving factor of our entire being - realize it or not - many of the things that "just happen" in life are orchestrated by the subconscious mind. 

We don't come into this world a blank slate, that's obvious by nothing more than observation. Then, we are programmed for the first 12-14 years of life, mostly by our home environment (whatever that may be). In most cases, parents don't know they are responsible for actually "programming" their children, the same way a programmer would program a computer. 

Often this programming leaves sub-surface scars, belief systems that don't serve, negative emotions of fear, greed, anger, etc. that many times we are not aware of in our youth. But like an engine that is always-on, they are constantly working under the surface to direct the very events of our lives without any effort on our part! 

For the last six months, we have watched the greatest turbulence hit the oil pricing market since the last major drop in 2008. While we were not surprised by the decline – we felt with the volume of production was coming on the market that higher prices were unsustainable – nobody had any idea it would be another parabolic fall. We felt the best position was to do the only thing we could do: Watch and wait, while holding to our game plan, which we felt was stable at any price.

Now, in early February, we have strong indications that prices are firming. The line in the sand was Friday, January 30 when several key factors hit the markets. One was a move by ISIS on Kirkuk, which simply demonstrated how nervous traders could become over future supply threats. Also, OPEC’s Secretary General, Abdullah al-Badri was quoted in Bloomberg as saying without future investment in new drilling projects, oil could see $200 per barrel. That sentiment was echoed by Harold Hamm, the highly-visible CEO of Continental Resources, and one of the biggest players in domestic shale. T. Boone Pickens said the same thing in December on CNBC’s Mad Money with Jim Cramer. The markets were listening.   Oil rocketed up 10-percent intra-day that Friday, and has been trending positive since.

I looked back at the 2008/2009 drop and after prices bottomed below $40, once the decline stopped, they wobbled sideways, building a base on either side of $40 for about 3 months, before quickly jumping to the mid $70s. Then they wobbled again for about 5 months, before finally shooting up into the $90’s and eventually above $100 by last spring. I have no idea if this rebound will replicate that one, but I do know this: When production begins to slow down, it can happen quickly, so in that regard, this will be a self-correcting scenario.

It’s not just domestic shale plays that are slowing down. There will be less deepwater oil on the market, less from Africa, the North Sea, and non-OPEC areas of South America.   Soon, this will stabilize globally.

It’s taken a steady hand to navigate through this, and believe me, I’ve had my share of sleepless nights. However, I’m confident saying that it appears the worst is over. We have not changed our conservative strategy to develop high-value vertical wells in the Permian Basin. As I am writing this, bulldozers are clearing the pad site for the rig for our Blue Wolf #1 prospect. Drilling should be completed by late March or early April. We will continue to develop the acreage in Sterling County where we feel there is excellent long-term potential.

Thank you for your partnership with us, and I especially wanted to thank you for your confidence as prices dipped below levels we all were comfortable with. We don’t see this lasting much longer, and are anticipating a very successful 2015.


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